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CEC Facilities Group brings a unique combination and expertise to the energy management industry. Together we analyze, develop and implement energy management strategies that meet the  business and facilities needs of our clients. 

As a specialty services contractor, CEC Facilities Group provides mechanical and electrical preventative maintenance, repair and installation services in live critical environments, and building automation and control for intelligent buildings. Our focus is on providing electrical and mechanical service availability and uptime. 


7 x 24 x 365 Service Availability

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Bradley S. Smith
President, CEC Facilities Group
(817) 945-9581

Nick Stonebraker
Executive Vice President, Service
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Ross Harrison
Vice President, Mechanical
(817) 945-9583

Curtis Willenborg
Vice President, Electrical Services
(817) 945-9580

Michael Ebarb
Vice President, Mechanical Services
(817) 945-9598

John Woods
Service Operations Manager
(817) 945-9585